reading James Ellroy/creeping on OKCupid/drinking Ol’ Grandad on the rocks edition

ALSO, thanks for making the bottom floor of my apartment too honkin’ cold, Los Angeles.

get fucked Los Angeles, 2012 better be awesome. 

get fucked Los Angeles, 2012 better be awesome. 

"NachoCheesetnam" our rejected Doritos commercial.

so my companion Brendan Flood apparently failed to read the rules of the 2011 Doritos’ “Crash The Superbowl” Contest, which clearly state that no kinds of firearms are to be used in the ad itself. Boo hoo, technicalities are for wimps. We were summarily disqualified, but fear not! The video can now be seen in all it’s glory, and we didn’t even have to shill for disgusting sandpaper flavored “tortilla chips”. Enjoy, and eat your vegetables instead!

if you couldn’t tell, I was Roger Ebert in the seventies for Halloween. 

and I rocked the shit out of it, duh. 

I was taking candids with a Funsaver, as I am often wont to do. someday I’ll digitize those pictures and post them online, but until then I’ll just whip them out every once in a while and embarrass people. 

is it a little too late to post pictures from a Halloween party? 

yeah, sure, probably. 

but I’m doing it anyways, because this party was at our place and I enjoyed the butts out of it. 

Video Game - E3 2012 - AOTS Exclusive

I am totally in this “Game Night” segment with Rich Sommer (of “Mad Men”) from yesterday’s episode of “Attack of the Show”! I enjoyed the hell out of shooting this and I hope you appreciate the facial expressions I’m making as much as I enjoyed making them. 

and yes, that’s my real neck, thanks for asking. 

here I am again with my Mom! and my dear friend Alex who was nice enough to drive me out to Vegas to see her (my car is a pile of shit) and help her climb to the tippy tops of the waterfall at the end of the trail (I’m scared of heights so I watched and hoped that neither of them fell to an untimely death). Yay Mom!

also, please disregard how shitty my hair looks in this photo, I had just hiked a bunch and I trimmed it so it looks less like a dead curly animal pelt.

oh hey! this is my friend Amanda and I, and she’s off to Asia for multiple months with her friend Alex! They have a travel blog you should follow here! This is me, dropping them off with In-N-Out, at the Air China terminal at LAX!

Me and T-Pain go together like T-Pain and ANYTHING, BECAUSE I LOVE T-PAIN.